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1st Jun, 2023

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About the Podcast

Rediscovering Debbie Campbell
There are thousands of musicians we will never hear, whose music and careers faded before the internet would have captured them. Debbie Campbell was one of them. Like many regional stars of her era, her exciting life story has been under the radar. She was radiant as a singer in bands, a solo performer, a songwriter, and as a step-mom.
Producer Lynz Floren had backstage access to Debbie’s life, growing up as her step-son. Listen to him rediscover her career through observations, interviews, stories, and exciting archival recordings. Rediscovering Debbie Campbell is a Growth Networks Podcasts production.
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Lynz Floren

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As the owner of Growth Network Podcasts, Lynz has worked with numerous clients, helping bring their podcast dreams to life. As a songwriter, musician, and creative himself, this is his opportunity to put all of those skills to work on behalf of his own project.

Aubrey Allen

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As someone who was born and raised in Tulsa and has been a part of the Tulsa music scene for over a decade, Aubrey found great inspiration in Debbie's story. She is grateful that Lynz has asked her to be a part of this journey and is excited to help share Debbie's story with the world.